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Locations in Karlsborg





FORTRESS - Ongoing recording




There are endless dark underground corridors below the 678 meter long building, and the gunpowder smoke is still dense. The powerful fortress building began in 1819 and was planned to be completed for 10 years, but it took 90 years. The colossal building that was built during the 19th century to serve as a spare capital for the nation in times of turmoil.

Here you can film:
Corridors in the dark, aisles, moat caponniere, dark vaults, twisting passageways, cannons, the vault of the National Bank, commander’s office, one of Europe’s largest built structures.


Tivedens forests and wilderness areas are famous for its secrets and legends. Not so long ago there were people who were convinced, that they had seen both forest ladies, mermaids and goblins in Tiveden.

Here you can film:
Great forests, wilderness, big rock blocks, the nature of “Ronja Rövardotter”, big mosses, small ponds, the fairy tale woodland village from the 1600s, nature reserves, giants boulders, deep cracks, vast beaches.


The hilly islands, dramatically looking, have an irregular beach contrast and vertical mountain edges down into the water and here you find nature harbors, bays, and lagoons with clay seabed. The water is so clear that you think you are in the ocean. The bays where the wind reach sometimes has shingle rock seabed. On the island grows up to 300-year-old and partly wild wood like rocky ground pine forest with moss carpets. The terrain is very cut up, with a lot of opportunities for to dive from the cliffs or by the sand beaches.

Here you can film:
Large cliffs, sand beaches, small islands, large islands, desolate nature, vertical mountains, steep cliffs, beautiful nature, trafficked sea traffic.


We took a roadtrip so you could have the opportunity to take a closer look at our beautiful terrain and unique roads. There is not a problem to drive around for hours and scout terrain or good looking roads. We know them all, please send us a question if you have a particular road you want to shoot.

Here you can film:
Straight roads, gravel roads, forest roads, water roads, curvy roads, roads in sunset, roads in sunrise.

Karlsborg from above

Please have a look at our fantastic environments from above! Various shots from all over Karlsborgs Kommun.


Our services in Karlsborg.

Pre production:
VFX-planning and breakdowns – dupp film
Manuscript and writing service by Three Piece
Project Management – Expeditionary

On-set VFX supervision – dupp film
Cinematographers – Three Piece
Drones – EyeCap AB
Safety and logistics – Expeditionary
Project Management – Expeditionary

Post production:
VFX-services from dupp film. Karlsborg based team with extensive experience in feature film VFX.
Colorgrading & Editing by Three Piece